Dmedix Stem Cell Hydro Mist

Putting convenient as periority, Dmedix Stem Cell Mist is a compact and on-the-go product that helps you to fight and protect your skin from environment factors anytime,anywhere. This miracle spray constantly provides moisture to your skin,While infuse with stem cell activators to stimulate regeneration. Making you look good and feel great all day.


Dmedix Stem Cell Z-Serum

This clinically proven essence almost immediately repair skin damages and give you a radiant boost. This anti-aging product helps to firm and tighten your skin, making skin soft, supple and smooth. This product is also perfect for after chemical peeling treatment to give the perfect results.


Dmedix Stem Cell Hydro Cream

This day and night moisturising cream provide 24-hours deep moisturising, loaded with stem cell activators to helps reverse the damage and trances of aging. Combining with Dmedix Stem Cell Z-Serum, skin return to its youthfulness and flawless.


Dmedix Stem Cell Solution

Dmedix Stem Cell Solution is a booster serum that is packed with stem cell stimulator plus nature blessed natural ingredients to reverse the trances of aging. It helps to soften scares, lighten wrinkles and pigmentation while improve skin texture and tone. skin is more elastic and tone after one week.


Invisible Mask

Medi beaute Invisible Mask is our signature mask. It is one of our many popular and recognized result oriented skin care. It delivers the aciveingredients into the skin,s deeperlayer, where many skin issues and aging begins. The result is visibly brighter, hydrated, and more beautiful skin that continues to improve with each application. In fact, clinical studies showed 100 percent of users noticed positive skin changes immediately after removing the mask. Over time, consistent use of the products leaves skin looking smoother, brighter younger and with an overall healthy glow.